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Market Meter v1.0
Financial Market Data & News Application for Mobile Devices

Market Meter Won First Prize & Popular Choice!

Market Meter Mentions

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About Market Meter v1.0

Market Meter is the first release from Inductive Labs, developed for the 2010 StreetApps Challenge sponsored by Thomson Reuters. Built from scratch over the course of six weeks of nights and weekends (and with limited platform experience), this mobile app development effort tested our mettle and pushed us into unknown waters. But we love a challenge. Thank you for your interest in Market Meter. We welcome your questions and comments.

Application Overview

Market Meter is a financial markets and news mobile application developed for the investment and trading professional. Reflecting the strengths and experience of the Inductive Labs team, the app focuses on utility and user-centric functionality by providing access to Reuter's differentiated and premium data in a "context-sensible" way.  By delivering this rich data using innovative and flexible interface methods, a high premium is also placed on user control, screen utilization, multi-tasking and configurability.

Application Screenshots

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Feature Highlights

Market Meter implements a specific set of functional innovations on the mobile device to maximize the value of the user's experience and build a platform ready to integrate additional data sets and sources.

Current features include:
  • Macro- and Micro-Economic Release Calendar Integration
  • User-Defined Price Alerting
  • Price & Volume 'Heat' Indicators
  • RSS Feed Integration
  • Background Caching & Off-line Data Availability
  • Split-Screen Navigation
  • Drag-and-Drop Data Interaction
  • Gallery Browsing & Content Representation
  • 'Context-Sensible' Navigation
  • Maximized Screen Utilization
  • Developed for Android/Java

Thanks In Order

Enormous thanks goes out to Siddhartha Reddy and Zhemin Zhang without whom this project could not have been completed. Also, big thanks to Brian, Daria and everyone else at hiveat55.

Inductive Labs is available for advisory and development work in the areas of financial/capital markets, transaction technologies, digital media and communications solutions. For more information on Market Meter or other Inductive Labs projects, please contact us.

How It Happened

Technology solutions and innovation applied to challenges in the financial space is our background and our passion. But the catalyst for this effort was the Thompson Reuters StreetApps Challenge. Awards included cash prizes and even the Market Meter name up in lights on the big screen in Times Square. But the greatest reward was the vote of the people!

Looking Ahead

Market Meter version 1.0 is a first cut at what is anticipated to be an innovative, platform-neutral mobile application for financial investment and trading power-users. Following is a partial list of feature enhancements planned for the app.

Enhancements under consideration include:
  • Calendar-based browsing of Street Events information
  • Integration of the Reuters Significant Developments data feed
  • Integration with Thomson Reuters Messenger for seamless analyst information distribution
  • Integration with Reuters Online Portfolio Monitoring
  • Additional external news source aggregation
  • Customization of news for watchlist/portfolio/keyword filtering
  • Auto-complete 'SmartSearch' data-mapping
  • User interface graphical redesign; Look and feel to match high standard of usability
  • Integration of financial charting functionality
  • Robust real-time market data, including Time & Sales
  • Integration with Dining services such as OpenTable or Zagat optimized for business users
  • Integration with flight status systems
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